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K-Food, The efficacy (effect) of Korean herbal tea (oriental herbal medicine) - Turmeric (Curcuma) Tea

[ K-Food Info]  
The efficacy (effect) of Korean herbal tea - Turmeric (Curcuma) Tea (oriental herbal medicine) 

Good For cholertic action, extravasated blood, hysteropathy, dermatopathy, hepatism, cancer, neutralize radioactivity (for a patient who get anticacer therapy)

[efficacy of Tumeric Tea]  , oriental herbal medicine

Promote bile secretion 
- Help your body actively break down fat
- Prevents fat accumulation and reduces weight

Improve diabetes
Tumeric activates an enzyme called AMPK (inducible protein kinase)
When there is insufficient energy or energy in the body
It breaks down glucose and fat.
Enables you to create energy
It also helps normal function of insulin

Prevent and cure cancer
It inhibits the proliferation and growth of cancer cells.

Improves digestion & circulation
Increase the blood flow of the stomach
Promoting the production of bile to help break down fat
Improves digestion

To promote toxin release
Release extravasated blood
Helps to maintain and improve immune function

K-Food, The efficacy (effect) of Korean herbal tea (oriental herbal medicine) - Tangerine peel Tea

[ K-Food Info]  
The efficacy (effect) of Korean herbal tea -  Tangerine peel Tea 

Good For Diet, Circulation, Cold

Physiologically active ingredient of Tangerine peel (oriental herbal medicine)

Essential oil : D-limonene, linalool, linalyacetate.
Flavonoids : Hesperidin, naringenin, poncirin, nobiletin.
Alkaloid : Synephrine.
Citiric acid.

Physiological activity and efficacy (oriental herbal medicine)

① Promoting the secretion of exocrine glands by olfactory reflection.
② Lipase activity promoting action.
③ Anti-allergic action.
④ Uterine muscle contraction inhibitory effect: action by serotonin (synephrine).
⑤ sedation: Limonene action.
⑥ Antiviral action.
⑦ Antileaking activity: Flavonoid.

[Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] Health function effect of orange peper (Tea Culture Life Fair, July 10, 2012, Hong Ik Jae)

Classical document & Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine) Say (oriental herbal medicine)

① Enhance cardiovascular contractility and increase blood circulation, but do not affect heart rate. It also removes inflammation and ulcers, and removes the follicles.

② Citrus peel is to control the clogged area and the large intestine, and when it is put into the dish, it removes the poison and fishy smell of the meat.

③ Drinking on an empty stomach with thick citrus fruits for fish poisoning.

④ When the stomach is weak, the taste is not good and the digestion is not good. When the stomach is blowing, sore, vomiting or diarrhea, there is dampness, chest tightness, coughing, breathing, dizziness, There is effect "accord pharmacy".

⑤ colds, body aches, headache, coughs and symptoms of ginger and ginger for a month after drinking the sweat is better. Citrus fruits reduce the fever, benefit disposal, heal the weeds and control the stamina of the heart. Suddenly, when the throat can not make a sound, it suffers the symptoms that the rain can not digest. There is also the effect of the open stomach "sense of agreement".

⑥ Directional structure, indigestion, Jinhae, has a medicinal effect such as genomes "Korean medicinal plant inscriptions".

⑦ In the heart, the symptoms are fever (寒症), symptoms symptoms of fever (fever) symptoms and reverse (气气) to treat, digest food and reduce the period. It also stops coughing and coughing, eliminating the heat and handwashing in the bladder, treating the ointment (5 痳), urinating well, and treating nausea (虚 症). It also treats symptoms of not eating food, symptoms of ticking with chest, spreading of tobacco, kwakran, and diarrhea, and eliminates 白 白 虫. When taking a long time, the bad smell disappears and the spirit is cleared, the body becomes clear, and longevity is lifted.

⑧ Citrus peel is a bitter taste stomach (苦味 健 胃劑), which has a directional flavor, and it has the effect of helping digestion by opening the stomach.

⑨ The dermis has the effect of making him smooth. To harmonize the spleen, use a white mandarin oranges, and use only a mandarin orange to remove the sputum. In addition, cheongpyi makes the liver (气 滯) loose and heals it by making the passage of time well, and makes it flat, ansin, digestion.

[Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] Health function effect of orange peper (Tea Culture Life Fair, July 10, 2012, Hong Ik Jae)

Folk remedies (oriental herbal medicine)

① It is used for edible, ornamental and medicinal purposes. In the oriental medicine and private medicine, it is used for strengthening capillary vessels such as fruits, leaves and bark, strengthening ginseng, .

② Tangerine peel 5 ~ 10g into a covered tea bowl, mix the appropriate amount of sugar, then pour hot water here and drink about 10 minutes later. Drinking in this way, as well as flu, pandemic flu and other diseases, swelling, fish poisoning, malaria is also effective.

③ If you burn the seeds of mandarin oranges with this powder as a powder and drink it with hot water, it will be effective for coughing, and it is also effective for cold scarring.

④ If you eat a whole orange charcoal and make it with powder, it will heal well.

⑤ put a little ginger in the skin of the mandarin dalyeoseo drink and cough is effective. I mix it with sugar or tea and drink it more and listen well.

⑥ When the milk does not come out well, make 37g each of duck dumplings and rice dumplings, and 8g of licorice powder, make a baguette (boiled water) and drink it a week later.

⑦ Gymnospermum ginseng seeds mixed with the heart is effective when you drink.

[Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] Health function effect of orange peper (Tea Culture Life Fair, July 10, 2012, Hong Ik Jae)

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The Efficacy of Oriental Medicinal Tea (Omniherb Korean Herb Herbal Tea )

The Efficacy of Oriental Medicinal Tea


The efficacy of Organic Tangerine Peel Tea (Korean Name : Gyulpy Tea)

- Healthy Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Tea

It helps to circulate energy in the body and good for one's diet.

Due to the activation of energy, it has been effective in the treatment of

circulation disorder of energy, such as an upset stomach and frequent

physical exhaustion. This product shows fine effects of relieving fatigue

and various diseases caused by stress.


The efficacy of Warm Korean Angelica root Tea (Korean Name : Danggui Tea)

It helps to reproduce blood and circulate it properly in the body,

so it can be good for those who have cold hands and feet, particularly for women.

It has been effective in the treatment of anemia, woman's disease, etc.

In oriental medicine, this product has been used as an essential material for women after giving birth.

Also, it shows fine effects of constipation.


The efficacy of Chaenomeles Fruit Tea (Korean Name : Mogwa Tea)

It helps to relax knotted muscles and highly effective in the treatment of bronchial disease.

Sour taste of malic acid in Chaenomeles fruit helps to activate metabolism in the body as well as boosting to secrete digestive enzyme. As alkaline food, Chaenomeles fruit contains a lot of minerals such as Ca, K, Fe including 5% of sugar.

Astringent taste of tannine may retract the skin, however, it has been effective in treatment of diarrhea.


The efficacy of Refreshing Perilla Frutescens Tea (Korean Name : Jaso Tea)

It helps to remove shellfish poisoning and improves skin trouble.

This product activates blood supply in skin and stimulates sweat gland to produce appropriate amount of sweat. Also it shows fine effects of relieving headache, impotence caused by flu, particularly the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Specific ingredient in this product has been quite effective in relieving depression, histeria, insomnia and so on.

In case of high fever without sweating, as an initial symptom of flu, you can make it stronger. Then, sweat comes out little by little and body is getting warm.



The efficacy of Snow Dew Green Tea

As a species of hydrangea growing naturally in alpine region in Korea,

You will enjoy a clean and sweetness of dewdrops. This specific plant has contained thousand-fold of sweetness than that of sugar, so its fragrance is widely spreaded around the growing area.

We have produced such a natural tea without using any additive.

It helps to purify one's blood, brain, so it may be good for examinee and those who overtax themselves.

As a caffeine-free tea, it can be taken by pregnant women or baby as well as a folk drug for relieving diabetes.

* Pour hot water and cool it off for awhile, then you will enjoy a sweetness of this tea(appropriate temperature is about 4°C).


The efficacy of Mulberry Leaves Tea

Tea of Mulberry Leave is well known as a precious medicine.

"Highly effective for diabetes" - It makes blood vessels stronger and relieves diabetes.

Plenty of rutin and DNJ strengthen capillary vessel and lower the level of blood sugar after a meal. Also, plenty of GABA in this product makes the level of cholesterol and neutral fat lower.

Unlike green tea, it was reported by experiment that mulberry leaves can be taken by adult up to 3 kg everyday without any side effect. Silkworm powder has been widely used for the treatment of diabetes, however, the efficacy of silkworm powder is considered to be derived from mulberry leaves taken by silkworm.

Mulberry leave shows fine effects of relieving adult disease, without having any side effect, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and obesity.

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What is magnetic water treatment?

What is magnetic water treatment?

The build up of scale deposits is a common and costly problem in many industrial processes using natural water supplies. In Britain alone the formation of scales in industrial process plant where water is heated or used as a coolant is estimated to cost £1 billion per year. Such costs can be attributed to cleaning (i.e. descaling) or the poor thermal conductivity of scaled surfaces; heat transfer is decreased by 95% by a CaCO3 scale layer 25 mm thick whereas an SiO2 scale layer 0.5 mm thick results in a 90 % decrease in heat transfer. Scale formation is the precipitation of sparingly soluble salts, most commonly calcium carbonate, which form an encrustation on susceptible surfaces. Most commonly this occurs as a result of temperature or pH changes, influencing the solubility of the scale former. Other common scale-forming compounds include calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, calcium phosphate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc phosphate, iron hydroxides and silica, all of which occur naturally in raw water supplies.
Traditional chemical methods of scale control or water softening involve either the pre-precipitation of the scale former with lime or soda ash, the addition of scale inhibiting reagents or the replacement of the scale former with soluble ions by ion exchange. All of these methods, though effective in scale control, substantially change the solution chemistry and can be prohibitively expensive.

Antiscale magnetic treatment (AMT) has a long and controversial history and has been reported as being effective in numerous instances (Baker and Judd, 1996). Its effect is to either reduce scale deposition, remove existing scale or produce a softer and less tenacious scale. Many reports claim large savings in energy, cleaning (i.e. descaling) and process downtime costs from the installation of magnetic water conditioners in real systems. However, installed MTD's have also often proved ineffective in real installations though the precise reasons for their inefficacy are rarely examined in such cases.

Reported effects of magnetic conditioning of water have appeared in the literature since the late 1930s. These have usually related to AMT, though there is some evidence that magnetism interacts directly with microorganisms. Reported effects appear to vary widely, possibly reflecting variations in water quality, and the apparent lack of their reproducibility has tended to undermine the credibility of the process. The paucity of systematic studies of the phenomenon, independent of AMT device manufacturers, and the lack of recorded design criteria have prevented acceptance of the method by process designers and plant engineers. The scientific literature is still unable to explain confidentially why AMT works in some applications and not in others. Recent research at Cranfield has identified conditions under which magnetic treatment can lead to a maximum of 70% reduction in calcium carbonate scale formation. The degree to which scale formation is inhibited has been identified to be dependent on a number of physicochemical conditions such as temperature, pH, hardness and alkalinity. This work has also identified effects on pH, particle size, nucleation rate and crystal form.

The subject of AMT and other physical methods of scale suppression remain controversial and are still labelled as gadgetry in some scientific circles. The debate is understandable; for many years the positive effects well documented in trade literature resulting from industrial applications have been undermined by the apparent lack of good results from laboratory tests. In addition, some manufacturers continue to promote ineffective devices (with dubious literature) for applications where no real evidence exists, anecdotal or otherwise to show that they could ever, or have ever worked. However, many devices on the market have reasonably good track records, but even these have occasionally proven ineffective in certain situations. Many designs of commercial magnetic treatment devices (MTD's) are available; some use electromagnets whilst others use single or arrays of permanent magnets. Other MTD's are clamped on to the pipe, but these typically display lower field strengths than the 'plumbed in' variety. Other physical conditioners generate electric fields or alternating radiofrequency and often claim to be more effective that MTD's but on the basis of our literature work, we could find no hard evidence to substantiate this. Other conditioners subject the flowing water to an electrostatic charge (produced by a chemical potential difference) between two or more electrodes.

On reviewing the literature, we arrived at the conclusion that most reported successful applications of magnetic treatment devices (MTD's) have occured in continuously recirculating systems enabling repeated treatment of the process water. The viability of AMT in certain applications can be emphasised by looking at the sales of CEPI-Co, Belgium, one of Europe's longest established manufacturers who have sold in excess of 700 000 units worldwide; current estimates are that 70% of sales are for industrial cooling circuits. In these instances operators often describe an accumulation of sedimented scale in low flow areas of the system and formation of a softer, less tenacious scale. Encrusted scale has also been removed over periods of three to six months. It is fairly well agreed that the antiscale effect results from changes in crystallisation behaviour promoting bulk solution precipitation rather than formation of adherent scale. The magnetic effect also appears to be enhanced under conditions of supersaturation and a high
ionic load of the process water. Credible laboratory studies have detailed increased solution precipitation rates, crystal size and
morphology changes, enhanced and retarded coagulation and a retention of the antiscaling properties of the water for hours or days following treatment. In many of these studies, the results have only been apparent under dynamic magnetic treatment i.e. the solution moving sufficiently rapidly through the (predominantly orthogonal) field.

Many mechanisms for the antiscaling effect have been proposed, some clearly ill informed such as magnetically induced changes in electron configuration (this would require a huge field). None however are fully comprehensive and can account for all of the observed effects. Early Russian work which claimed changes in the structure of water resulting from magnetic exposure has now been largely disproven by subsequent work. Other Russian workers have more recently proposed models to support the theory of enhanced nucleation in the bulk solution. However, on the basis of current crystallisation theory European experts have concluded that any effects on heterogeneous nucleation would have a relaxation time of nanoseconds and any effects on homogeneous nucleation would be unlikely, even after exposure to a reasonably strong (5000 gauss) magnetic field. Others believe that the reason for the soft
scale so often described results solely from magnetically induced changes in crystal habit i.e. calcite to aragonite, however, this is also unlikely since many other factors (specifically the presence of contaminants, heat or pressure) influence the preferred crystallising form of calcium carbonate, in addition aragonite may prove to be a troublesome deposit because it will recrystallise as calcite at low temperatures and pressures. Another school of thought involves the influence of contaminants (specifically Fe2+ or Zn2+) introduced by magnetically induced corrosion or by slow release from the MTD. One thing is for sure - there is an interaction between a magnetic field and crystallising matter which can, on occasions affect its scaling behaviour. As engineers we are primarily interested in deducing a satisfactory design basis and the conditions under which the process will repeatedly work, as scientists we want to know how it works.
What is needed is a complete analysis of all instances where AMT has worked effectively and more importantly - where it has not. In this way it may be possible to deduce which factors are crucial in terms of a successful application. In addition it can be seen that real results are realised after periods of months whereas most laboratory studies have tried to achieve results after hours or days using accelerated scaling techniques.

The results of research into antiscale magnetic treatment at Cranfield University investigating magnetic effects on the crystallisation behaviour of Calcium Carbonate in once through systems.

Cubic crystals

Figure 1 Sedimented CaCO3 scale produced from high-purity supersaturated solution in a once through system.

Round crystals

Figure 2 Sedimented scale formed from the same solution after placing the flow path into an 8000 gauss magnetic field. These effects were only apparent with a sufficient flow velocity through the field.

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Temporary Repairs,CB-301 bidet / Leaking Woman Nozzle

Temporary Repairs ( When woman nozzle is leaking / When woman nozzle dial switch is not locked tightly)

1. Separate woman nozzle dial switch.
(Utilize the principles of the lever by using screwdriver or something. )

2. By using knife cut off about 1~2mm the groove (Close direction)

If the leaking is caused by shape faulty of the groove,

This methode can help to fasten water dial.

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Convert / EUREKA EB-1500W (Hot&Cold) bidet with only COLD water

Convert Eureka EB-1500W (Hot & Cold) bidet to Cold water only use bidet.

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